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My name is Richardson Solution, popularly called Mr.Solution. I am a Student, a Blogger, a Tech Lover, an SEO Expert, a Programmer (Kinda Part-Time) and the Founder and CEO of SOLUTIONWAP BLOG.

Solutionwap.net.ng is a blog i created to help all Aspirants who are seeking or wants to apply for admission into Nigerian Tertiary Institutions such as Universities, Polytechnics or Colleges or Education with information regarding they school  of choice.

Having said that, i am dedicated to serving you better by providing you with latest useful information in the field of Education You can feel free to contact me anytime if you need my help or even if you don’t need my help.

At Solutionwap.net.ng, we are into Nigerian Schools in order to provide you news in all nooks and cranny of Education which include

  1. Admission List Update
  2. Postutme Update
  3. Scholarship Update
  4. Job Vacancy Update
  5. Admission Tips And
  6. Many More

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Email: Codedexam1@gmail.com