FREE: Cowbellpedia 17 Frequently Asked Questions 2019/2020

Cowbellpedia 17 Frequently Asked Questions 2019/2020


Cowbellpedia Frequently Asked Questions - 2019/2020

Cowbellpedia Mathematics National Qualifying Written Examination and Tv Quiz Frequently Asked Questions.

Below are Frequently Asked Question asked by applicants and Answers to their questions below:

1. Has the 2018 Cowbellpedia Registration started?

2. When is the Cowbellpedia Registration closing?

Registration closes on the 3rd of February, 2019.


3. Who can be part of CowbellPedia?

Cowbellpedia is for approved secondary schools. You are to register only students in

JSS 3 and SS 2

5. I participated last year do I need to register again?

NO, all you need do is log in with your correct username.

6. Can we register manually?

It is advisable to register via online platform.

7. When is the examination coming up?

CowbellPedia National examination is coming up on the 9th of February, 2019.

8. How can I view the list of centres?

10. Can a School register less than 5 students in any of the category?

The only required number to register is five (5) in each of the category, making Ten (10)

in all.

11. What do I do after registering my school?

As soon as your registration is successful, download slip.

12. I can’t remember my password?

Reset your password with the forget password button on the log in page.

14. I mistakenly inputted more than six (6) students, how do I delete it?

Highlights only the five (5) students you would like to register.

15. I am having issues uploading the passport of my students

Check the format in which the picture is saved and also make sure it is not larger than

the required.

16. I spelt my candidate name wrongly?

contact the help desk immediately for correction.

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