How To Gain Admission Into University Of Ibadan -Ultimate Guide

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How To Gain Admission Into University Of Ibadan? Although this might sound childish but to any students that choose University Of Ibadan as his/her first choice it is not.

Because I Know what the aspirants of this great Citadel of Learning Face when they are preparing for Both UTME and Post UTME in the years past.

And because of that I have took it upon myself to Interview Three Students of this great School and they share their Views base on the steps they take to get admitted.

How To Gain Admission Into University Of Ibadan

Getting admission into Higher insitution in Nigeria is not a child’s play, you don’t imagine, you don’t just think of wearing matriculation gown, you have to work towards it and sit for examinations.

Talking of examination, we have GCE, NECO , WAEC , UTME and Post -Utme which is the final exam before getting admitted.

My main reason for writing this article is what are those things and preparations you should take to pass your examination at a sitting even though some don’t make it at once.

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How To Gain Admission Into University Of Ibadan

And Because of this, I interview three(3) students of this institution and below are their reply.

Interview With Agboola Ridwan

q1: What is Your Name?

Answer: My name is  Agboola Ridwan

q2: What is Your Advice to the 2019/2020 UI Aspirants

Answer: They should be steadfast, keep to their study and remember to pray.

q3: What are those things you sacrifice when preparing for your UTME and Post UTME exam?

Answer: Time, Social Media but do make use of it to get Information.

Interview With Alimi Mubarak Gbolagade

q1: What is Your Name?

Aswer: My Name is Alimi Mubarak Gbolagade

q2: What is your advice to the 2019/2020 UI Aspirants?

Answer: Don’t be an idiots

When I said don’t be an idiot, i meant face reality, have a priority, don’t be be stupid and start reading bullshit you’d probably never need

q3: What are those things you sacrificed when preparing for your UTME and Post UTME?

Answer: My Social life activities

Interview With Ajayi Victor Semiloore

q1:What is your Name?

Answer: My name is Ajayi Victor Semiloore

q2: What is your advice to the 2019/2020 UI Aspirants?

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Answer:They should be consistent at their studies. They should not Procrastinate

q3: What are those things you sacrificed for your UTME and Post UTME exam?

Answer: Leisure

From the answers of the three interviewee, I was able to deduct somethings which are as follow: I mean things you should do in other to pass your Post Utme at a sitting and University of Ibadan post Utme.

  • Don’t Procrastinate: As said by Ajayi Victor. Procrastination is the killer of most dreams you see on the street. Don’t leave smashing that math question till the next day. Read at the right time.
  • Read Smart: As said by  Alimi Mubarak , don’t read books that you won’t need. No what to read and what not to read. It is post  Utme not a Phd exam.
  • Get The Right Resources: Get the right text books as recommended by JAMB and  the school officials.
  • Make Use of Past questions: As i said in my earlier article how to score above 300 in jamb ,past questions saved my ass then when I was preparing for 2017/2018 UTME. by making use of past questions you can study the pattern use by the organization to set questions and prepare your self
  • Attend Tutorials : I can’t seem to over emphasize on this enough, “Not everyone is disciplined enough to get educated outside the four corners of the Classrooms”. we have these set of people that can only learn when they have someone teaching them. You just have to know yourself, Not everyone can be like me that hate attending tutorials.
  • Get to the Exam Hall on Time:  What is the essence of collecting UTME form if you will get to the exam later late. Wake as early as possible.
  • Pray: We are Nigerians you know, you got to pray
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