How To Pass Waec Without Stress

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How To Pass Waec Without Stress? Is that Possible? Can I pass Waec without Reading? West African Examination Council is the Body that is in charge of organizing exams for students in West African Secondary school during their Third(3rd) Year.

This exam is one of important exam that determine whether a students will get admitted into any Higher Institution of his/her Choice.

Students, let me say people as a whole don’t know the difference between SSCE and WAEC: waec is the organizing body while SSCE is the exam the students are sitting for.

How To pass Waec Without Stress is the keyword I came across while i was during keyword research on what to teach my audience.

What is WAEC All About?

As I said earlier, Waec is a Body that is in charge of organizing exams for students in west African Countries during their third year at senior Secondary School.

It was established in the Year 1951.

Waec Grading System 2019[Updated]

Under the New waec grading system, A1- Excellent, B2- Very Good, B3 – Good, C4, C5 and C6 are Credit.

And E8 and F9 means fail.

Weac Grading System and Interpretation

Grade          Value           Definition            Interpretation

A1                  1                    Excellent              80% – 100%

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B2                  2                     Very Good            70% – 79%

B3                  3                      Good                      65% – 69%

C4                   4                      Credit                   60% – 64%

C5                    5                      Credit                    55%- 59%

C6                    6                       Credit                    50% – 54%

I will be stopping here, as others are what a students should pray for.



If you are looking for Waec Cheat 2019 and Waec Expo 2019 then this article is not for you. I will only be providing you with things you should for you to pass your O’ Level Exam.

Decide On What Subjects You Will be Sitting For

This is the first step you need to take. You can’t start reading all subjects. ” Laser reach a longer distance compare to a Torch Light” Do you know why? Because laser is more focused at a point compare to torch light that scatter but can’t achieve more.

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In short try to list down you will be sitting for during your SSCE Exam.

Be Determined

When the will is ready the feet are light

Determination is the next thing you need, once you are determined on passing your exams at a sitting then you are a step close.

Take Action

You don’t just wish ,you don’t dream of going home to tell mom and dad you have A parallel in your O’level. You need to take action. You need to take action by Studying your books, attend Tutorials and do what is expected of you at the right time.

Attend Tutorials

How To Pass Waec Without Stress
Source: Modernghana

As I use to say , Reading alone is not for everyone, we have this set of people that only learn when they are under supervision, they only learn when they are monitored. If you belong to this group.

Attending a Good Tutorial will help you in learning faster and easier.

Know Your Weakness

You need to know those subjects you are good at and those you know might give you problem. this way you can spend more time on your weakness compare to  your best subject.

Don’t tell me you don’t have that subject you are weak at. You haven’t look deep enough.

Study Past Exams

Just as UTME Exam, exams body don’t really have new thing to ask. Studying past exams will also help you to be prepare.

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Attend Practical Classes

This is for Science Students, attending practical is one of those things you should reconsider if you haven’t been attending one before.

During my secondary days, attending practical classes made me prepared for the exam and also makes me know the Do’s and Don’t of the exam.

Follow The Instructions

Nothing can make a students fail external examinations easily compare to not following Instructions. don’t do what you are not asked to do, read the instructions on your exam paper before you start writing.

Make A Time Table

Having a reading plan is another thing, you should not over look. with a good time table, you can easily cover more grounds in your study.

Know Yourself

Don’t copy friends, don’t play when you are suppose to read. Don’t be suprise if that friend pass more that you.

Know time you assimilate faster: Morning, Afternoon or Night. Knowing who you are is one of those things that you should know.


We are Africans, so you got to Pray.

Thanks for Reading How To Pass Waec Without Stress

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