Kwara State College of Education Dress Code for Students

Kwara State College of Education Dress Code for Students

Kwara State College of Education Dress Code for Students

Kwara State College of Education Dress Code for Students

Kwara State College of Education, Ilorin [KWCOE] Dress Codes for all Students in Campus and Hall of Residence.

The Kwara State College Management has frowned at the arrogant, indecent and embarrassing codes of dressing of some students in the College.

Consequently, the College Management decided to evolve a Dress Code for the entire students and College Community.

Thus, the following forms of apparels, barred from the College and offenders shall be seriously dealt with.

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KWCOE Students Dress Codes

(A) Transparent dresses or attires which debase womanhood.
(B) Extremely short blouses showing the whole arms, burst line, the navel and the lower back.
(C) Spaghetti blouses
(D) Tight fitted jeans/Skirts/hipsters/patra/lakra and other that reveal the contours of the body.
(E) Wearing of wig and earrings by men
(F) Provocative use of face power; lip gloss and mascara
(G) Jerry curling of hair by men
(H) Plaiting of hair by men
(I) Added finger nails
(J) Dresses/Apparels that cover the entire face of an individual thereby making the immediate identity of the person inside impossible (except individuals who have registered their religious faith with the College at the inception of students registration in the College).
(K) Wearing of jeans with many pockets to possibly hide weapons such as knives, guns etc
(L) T-shirts with obscene /intimidating captions.
(M) Wearing of colored eye glasses not on medical grounds in the classroom
(N) Wearing of bathroom slippers to the classroom
(O) Wearing of face-caps to the classroom
(P) Wearing of tattered/dirty jeans with holes
(Q) Under wears such as singles won publicly
(R) Dresses that make it impossible for science students to wear laboratory coal during practical
(S) Long and tight skirts which are opened in front or at the sides; revealing sensitive parts, as the wearer moves on
(T) Indiscriminate use of Ear phones in the College Premises.

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(i) A first offender would be booked and counseled
(ii) A second offender will appear before the Students Disciplinary Community and a proof of guilt will earn the affected students one semester suspension
(iii) A hardened offender with a proof of intransigence would be recommended to the college management for expulsion.

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Signed : 
College Registrar
Alh. Abiodun A Ibrahim

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