Business Ideas For Students In University In Nigeria

What are the Business Ideas For Students In University In Nigeria? After gaining admission into one of the prestigious University in Nigeria but find it hard to get two food in a day.

Although most find it hard to combine business and academics and we have this set of people that have no money to start a business.

Those two factors are what I have put into consideration before starting this article. So I will be giving you List of ways you can make money in School Without Spending a dime and How to make money as a Nigeria University Students.

So Take a Sit as I take you through the process.

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List Of Business Ideas For Students In University In Nigeria

  • Freelancing
  • Graphics Designer
  • Selling Of Ladies Wears
  • Dry Cleaner
  • Laptop Repairing
  • Phone Repairing
  • Selling of Hand out
  • Providing Of Services to others
  • Web Developer
  • Organizing Of Tutorial
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Blogging
  • Photography
  • Dropshipping
  • Recharge Card Business
  • Selling Past Exam Paper
  • Manicure and Pedicure
  • Become a Jumia Agent
  • Catering Business
  • Real Estate Agency
  • Personal Sport Trainer
  • Cake Making
  • Event Planning
  • Tailoring
  • Bead Making
  • Pencil Drawing
  • Honey Selling
  • Selling Of Artwork
  • Production Of Scar Removing Products
  • Selling of E-Books
  • Cryptocurrency Business
  • Stand Up Comedy
  • Selling of Baby Wears
  • Recharge Card Selling Business
  • Data Selling Business
  • Babysitting
  • Build An App
  • Offer a CV design Service
  • Sell Photos Online
  • Data Analyst
  • Organise Students Event Trip
  • Start a YouTube Channel
  • Write Project For Final Year Student


Freelancing Can be define as the act of doing jobs for people while they pay you. Freelancing is not limited to writing alone. As a freelancer you can work as a graphics designer, web developer, Programmer and so on.

We have site like Fiverr and Vigowork where Freelancer can work.

Graphics Designer

Graphics is now becoming one of the tools use by Big Companies and Small business owner in Nigeria to showcase what their business is all about to the audience without saying a word.

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If you have Graphics design skills it is an opportunity to make money in schools without spending. All you need are laptop and good marketing skills. You can as well work on freelancing site to make your cash.

Selling Of Ladies Wears

This Business Idea is not only for ladies alone. As we know most Nigerians Ladies like buying this but many can’t get good ones.

Your audience can easily be gotten at School Hostel and areas where Ladies stays.

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Dry Cleaning

Dry Cleaning is the act of washing ad Ironing of cloths for others for a fee. Here you will be collecting Cloths from Students that are lazy to wash theirs.

Help them  to wash it and Collect your money

Laptop Repairing

Have you been searching For How To make money without Spending a dime? Here is a business idea for a Nigeria University Students.

If you have knowledge of repairing laptop before you can admission into the University, here is a chance to make money in school using your Skills.

Phone Repairing

Phone repairing is somehow close to laptop repairing but the two are different. Almost all Student In the Nigeria Universities make use of One/two smartphones. When those gadgets get damaged  most drop it in shelves and get another one.

Do you know why? Because No Professional Phone Repairer is available around them, you can leverage on that especially when you are sure of your technical skills.

Selling of Hand-Out

Another one on How to make money in schools after gaining admission. Here you will be selling hand out to your course mate, departmental mate and college/faculty mate.

You get the hand out from the lecturer, make photocopies and sell to them.

Web Developer

Are a computer science students/ non computer science students with Knowledge of web developments in Nigeria. Do you know you can make bucks of what as a student? You can design site for schools, course mate, companies and small business owner around your school vicinity and make your cash.

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You can as well sign up as freelancer on freelancing site.

Organizing Of Tutorials

You can organize tutorials for your course mate if you have knowledge of a particular course that others don’t know about.

If you are good with that particular course, you can make huge amount of money.

Affiliate Marketing

You sign up as a affiliate on site like Jumia, konga or alibaba and make people buy goods using your referral link.

After each successful transaction, your affiliate account will be credited with your commission.


Everyone now want to be a blogger but not everyone can be one. But if you have knowledge in a field that you are fluent in. You can easily create blog using free blog platform like and blogger.

One thing you must have is patience as blogging is not a get rich fast scheme.


Are you a students with a photography skills in one the Nigeria Public Universities? Do you know you can make money with your skills?

You make money by taking photograph of people and get pay for it. But with increase in use of smartphones there has being a huge in students taking pictures using photographers.

To Stand out and get customers, you need good Marketing skills.

Build an app

Do you know you can make money from app development. All you need to do is build an app that will solve problems and promote it.

Your app can be monetize by using Google Admobs.

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Selling Of E-books

E-books is becoming popular on the internet as most people now prefer reading books with smartphones than visiting the library.

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Before you create an e-book, their are things you need to consider.

  • Am I solving a Problem
  • Who are those am selling to

Your e-book can be on anything : How to create PayPal account that receive funds in Nigeria, How to become the best student, How To make Millions in a Month and others

Data Analysis

Do you have knowledge of Data science,Phython and some other Data science skills? You can make money from it in Nigeria Higher Institution by rendering service to those with Zero knowledge of data science.

Do you have any thing to ask regarding the list above? Lets rub mind through the comment box, i will be waiting for you.

Write Project For Final Year Student

We have this set of students that are lazy in everything they do, you can help them to write their projects and get paid.


Tailoring is of those profession that can’t go into extinction, what you need is know what you are doing. A skill that stands out among others.

You offer services to male and female around your Campus.


Don’t confuse it with mini Importation. The different between mini importation and drop shipping is that: Their is no need to see the goods you are selling physically but in mini Importation, reverse is the case.


Here I have given list of Business Ideas you can do to make money in School as  a Students in one of the Nigeria Universities both that need little/ no money to start.

You should also know that the money won’t come in a day you start but you can make something out of them if you do the right thing.

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