JAMB 2019: UTME Subject’s Combination For All Art And Science Students

JAMB 2019: UTME Subject's Combination For All Art And Science Students


Candidates should Note that Education On
Any Field Of Study will Require the following
subjects listed below.


English Language.

* Plus additional Three (3) ARTS Subjects, if
your field of study is in the art Field or Three
(3) SCIENCE Subjects, if your field of study is
in the science Field.

Below are the subjects combination for
JAMB UTME candidates in the science field
of study.

For Courses such as Engineering courses,
which includes the following

Chemical Engineering, Mechanical
Engineering. Electrical/Electronics
Engineering. Petroleum Engineering, Civil
Engineering. Metallurgical Engineering.
Marine Engineering. Elect. Engineering.
Engineering. Polymer and textile
Engineering, etc

Jamb Subject Combination


Engineering Courses;

English Language, Mathematics, Physics,
Chemistry, Biology.

* With any of the subjects mentioned below
as make up subjects. Geography, Further
maths, Economics, Agriculture.

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Law Courses; 

For Law course mentioned below, for
Civil Law, Common Law, Islamic law,
Commercial law, Private Law, Property law,
Public Law, International law, etc.

Jamb Subject Combination For

Law Course;

* English Language, Literature In English,
Mathematics, Government, History.

* While you can use any of the subjects
mentioned below as Make Up Courses.

Economics, Geography, Commerce.

Pharmarceutical Sciences Courses
Example Medical/Pharmaceutical Courses
are listed below.

Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Dentistry,
Human Nutrition, Medicine and surgery
(Human Medicine), Pharmacy, Nursing/
nursing science, Radiography, etc.

Jamb Subject Combination For


And Pharmaceutical Course;
* English Language, Mathematics, Physics,
Chemistry, Biology

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* While you can also use any of the below
mentioned subjects as make subject.

science, Commerce, Economics, Agricultural

Sciences Courses
Science Courses which includes courses
such as Pure and applied Maths, Chemistry, Physics,
Biology, Industrial, Mathematics, Statistics,
Computer Science, Animal Law,
Environmental Biology, Microbiology, Plant
Science, Geography. Among other science

Jamb Subject Combination



*English Language, Mathematics, Physics,
Chemistry, Biology,

* You are also offered the opportunity to
choose any of the below subjects as make
up subjects. Agricultural Science, Geography,
Commerce, Economics.

Political Science Jamb Subject Combination.

* English Language, Mathematics,
Government. History.

* You can either choose any one of these
subjects: Economics, Commerce, Literature in

Economics Jamb Subject Combination

* English Language, Mathematics,
Economics, Commerce, Government,

* You can either choose any subject below
as make up subject. History. Geography,
Literature in English.

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Economics Courses

Economics Courses which includes courses
such as;

Geography, Geography and Regional
Geography and environmental Management.

Jamb Subject Combination;
English Language, Mathematics, Geography,

*You can also choose two subjects from the
list below.

Economics, Government. Physics,
Chemistry, Biology, Further mathematics,

Please Note that This are the Subject
Combination For all Jambites who are
preparing to write their JAMB examination.

For Further Inquires about Your Jamb
Course, issues, drop your requests/
Questions below using the Comment Box.

Wishing you Success!!!

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