Ways To Overcome Sexual Immoralities On Campus

Ways To Overcome Sexual Immoralities On Campus

Ways To Overcome Sexual Immoralities On Campus

After writing on “Why You Should Avoid Sexual Immoralities On Campus“, I was inspired to give certain important tips on how to avoid sexual immoralities during your stay in school (and beyond)
Some young persons always argue that it is impossible for a youth to actually hold him/herself away from inappropriate sexual activities. Nevertheless, I will tell you that if I – with healthy sexual urges and hormones, can remain sexually chaste till this moment, then no body on earth should have a reasonable excuse to indulge in sexual immoralities.

Ways To Overcome Sexual Immoralities On Campus

All you need is the help of God, and then your determination to adhere to certain practical principles that worked for many of us. These tips have been encapsulated into two broader categories, and they include:

1. Avoid The ‘Bad Company Sector’ In Your School:
You know, in our society, many parents are usually worried when their innocent children are enroute the higher institution for the first time. Of course, they’ve seen alot of ‘once-innocent’ chaps who were corrupted in the University. Once-innocent boys and girls who became terrible adults.
However, when I entered the University, I discovered the University is actually made up of two different worlds: The Postive and The Negative, and that it is up to a student to determine the path he/she will thread.
The Bible says in 1 Cor. 15:33 – “Bad company corrupts good characters.” If you want to be sexually chaste, and you don’t want sexual immoralities to ruin your bright future, you must avoid some set of people who can dip and influence you negatively into sexual sins.
Listen, not all the pretty and handsome youths you see around on campus are ‘ordinary humans’ that are with a sole aim of graduating like you. In fact, in case you don’t know, some of those attending lectures with you are not recognised as students by your school.
Guys, many of those good-looking ladies are actually working directly for Satan. Some of them are demonic, witches, with Marine spirits. Their goal is to thwart the glories and bright futures of youngsters, and they drop spiritual curses and limitations into their lives through sex.
Ladies, some of those ‘cute’ guys are actually with a deadly mission: To destroy your life through sex. Some guys are HIV carriers, who have vowed to distribute the virus to as many youths as possible. Beware!
You are not meant to get close to everyone you meet on campus, to the extent that they begin influencing you negatively. Choose your company wisely. Be friends with born-again Christians of like-minds.

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2. Avoid Anything And Any Spot That Can Lead You Into Sexual Immoralities:
Avoid eroticals (erotic books, movies, websites, songs, etc) that generates sexual desires and urges. These things gets you dirty before God and they open doors for disgusting acts of masturbation.
Instead, concentrate on accumulating useful knowledge that will make you a much better person in the society. Don’t forget to feed constantly on the Bible, as it aids your spiritual growth. When you are solely occupied with the things of God, sexual immoralities stays under your feet.
Additionally, on campus, there are some places you shouldn’t be found if indeed you want to live a holy lifestyle devoid of sexual immoralities. You have no business with night clubs, randy parties, ungodly dinners and events. Don’t forget to avoid staying in a closed room with a member of the opposite gender for a long period of time.
Instead, regularly attend church and fellowship programs (praise God that there are many fellowships on our campuses now). Also, occupy yourself with productive seminars and workshops that will add value to your life, and you will be fine in JESUS NAME.

Remember, when you are sexually chaste, you will be free from the worries of such things like STDs, unwanted pregnancies and other negative things that accompanies sexual immoralities.

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